Video Training

How to Install an Ultra Low Temperature Freezer – Minus40

Minus40’s lead Engineer demonstrate the process of how to install an Ultra Low-Temperature freezer. This video features the controls, changing the setpoints with safe installation procedures. For more information on medical refrigeration, have a look at some of our other videos.

How to install ICE3 remote temperature monitoring device – Minus40

Our Minus40 Refrigeration Engineer will take you through the process of installing a remote temperature monitoring device. The unit used is a Beyond Wireless ICE3 monitor with the capability to measure temperature remotely, store data online and send notifications to recipients via email and text messages.


How to install a Vaccine fridge – by Minus40

Minus40 Engineer takes you through the installation process of a Minus40 B300 vaccine fridge. These unit come fully wrapped with adjustable parts packaged inside the unit. These need to be removed, placed and secured. Our engineer demonstrates the use of the control and how to start up the unit.


How to change settings on a Medical freezer – By Minus40

Our Minus40 engineer demonstrates how to change the temperature setting on a controller for a MED230CLF Medical freezer. These Minus40 units are typically set at -40 degrees, however, units across South Africa needed to be adjusted to accommodate the Covid-19 vaccines storage temperature of -20 degrees. This video illustrates that process.



How to pack a vaccine cooler box – by Minus40

Our Minus40 engineer demonstrates the use of the new vaccine cooler using artificial vaccine boxes. Packing vaccine cooler boxes has become a necessary skill for many worldwide, and it is always useful to ensure the correct procedures are followed. The general advice provided includes the use of ice packs within the vaccine cooler box and the use of a temperature data logging device.


How to install a Log Tag Utrid 16 – By Minus40

Our Minus40 Engineer is demonstrating the installation process for a Temperature Data Logging device. The Log Tag Utrid 16 is a WHO-approved fridge monitor that collects data every 10 minutes for up to 160 days. It is also ideal for the last mile of the vaccine cold chain and can be placed in Vaccine cooler boxes. It is currently a requirement to have one of these devices in every fridge or freezer used to house Covid-19 Vaccines in South Africa. For the Log Tag software, follow this link: