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Minus40 Accredited Service Agents 23

Minus40’s Accredited Service Agents have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you purchase a Minus40 product that is best suited for your needs, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and fix issues with your product, should you ever experience any.

Our Accredited Service Agents also have access to specialised tools and equipment that may not be available to non-accredited repair technicians.

Benefits of using one of  Minus40’s Accredited Service Agents include;

  • Assurance you will always have technical assistance when you need it
  • Assurance your product is being serviced or repairs in accordance to our specifications
  • Assurance our strict guidelines are being followed,  while only making use of authorised parts
  • Assurance your product will get repaired to the highest quality standards, and
  • Peace of mind  when it comes to the Safety of your product

In addition, using one of our Service Agents can save you time and money in the long run – these professionals are expertise in their filed and can often diagnose and fix issues more quickly than non-accredited  service agents (this means less downtime for your product and less time spent without it).

Minus40's Accredited Service Agent In Botswana -

Capital Electrical

Capital Electrical is our Accredited Sales and Service Agent in Botswana.

They are Wholesale Suppliers of Electrical, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning products and spares.

Capital Electrical is based in Gaborone, Botswana, and they are contactable via;

Tel: +267 391 2894


Minus40's Accredited Service Agent In Namibia -

Ubuntu Medical 

Ubuntu Medical is our Accredited Sales and Service Agent in Namibia.

They provide sales and technical service of global manufacturers via unparalleled relationships and distribution channels throughout Namibia.

Ubuntu Medical is based in Windhoek, Namibia, and they are contactable via;

Tel: +264 81 127 2035 / +264 81 128 4156


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