Vaccine Refrigerator B130/40/220H Holdover

The B130/40/220H Vaccine Refrigerator was specifically developed to Global Health cold chain specification standards and sponsored by the South African National Department of Health together with independent testing by the CSIR. This unit was designed for duty where there is risk to reliable and continuous power supply.  It will hold the fridge temperature between 2˚C and 10˚C for more than 48 hours at an ambient temperature up to 43˚C.  This gives clients the assurance that their vaccines will retain its efficacy and shelf life, provided electrical power is restored within 48 hours.

The B130/40/220H vaccine refrigerator also has the unique feature of having a freezer compartment for freezing ice packs that are subsequently used in cooler boxes for transporting vaccines to remote locations during vaccination campaigns. This Vaccine refrigerator is built to handle the robust duties expected in an African environment with a legacy of longevity in the field (early examples are still working after more than 20 years’ service.).

All refrigerators are prepared with a probe hole for accepting independent temperature monitoring equipment to comply with the Pharmaceutical Regulations of 2015.

The B130/40/220H is backed by the reputable and reliable Minus 40 service warranty and customers can select maintenance contracts to ensure extended longevity of their Minus40 Refrigerator.

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Vaccine Refrigerator B130/40/220H With Temperature Holdover Capability

  • Fridge volume:  130L
  • Freezer volume:  40L
  • Fridge temperature range:  2°C to 8°C
  • Freezer temperature range:  -15°C to -10°C
  • Hold-over time at less than 10°C (32°C AMB):  >48
  • Suitable for maximum ambient temperature:  43˚C
  • Ice pack freezing per Kg/24hrs:  4.8Kg
  • Voltage/Frequency:  220V AC / 50HZ
  • Refrigerant:  R134a
  • Climate class:  T
  • Defrost cycle:  Manual

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Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 65 × 67 × 131 cm
  • Height mm: 1310
  • Width mm: 650
  • Depth mm: 670
  • Gross weight kg: 140
  • Height mm: 480
  • Width mm: 450
  • Depth mm: 490
  • Height mm: 235
  • Width mm: 450
  • Depth mm: 490