Vaccine Carrier Box VC3.4LT

Blowkings’ CE, ISO Certified and WHO-UNICEF approved Vaccine Carriers are designed and manufactured as per WHO guidelines and International Standards for storage and transport of vaccines and medical products requiring safe temperature container storage. This falls under the passive cold chain equipment range. Mainly enables every person to receive a vaccination in its true essence to the even the most remote areas of the world where they generally lack electricity and basic amenities.

Temperature inside Blowkings vaccine carriers are controlled with Blowkings’ CE, ISO Certified and WHO-UNICEF approved ICE Packs specially designed for cold chain purpose. Blowkings Vaccine carriers are manufactured using high quality insulating materials offering robust carriage and provide insulation from external heat environments. These vaccine carriers are light weight and easy to carry / transport.

Blowkings Vaccine carriers are available in different sizes using materials from High Density polyehtyline. The vaccine carriers are Insulated with one of the most efficient material viz. Polyurethane Foam (PUF).

The vaccine carriers are made of robust materials to face all transportation issues, are light weight and capable to retain the temperatures during transportation.

Blowkings Vaccine Carriers are well known for reliability, efficiency, are easy to handle and sturdy built.

*PRICES LIST ex-Factory Cape Town and excl. Transportation. These prices include VAT. | Ts & Cs apply

Vaccine storage capacity:  3.4 litres

Weight fully loaded:  6.0 kg

Weight empty:  2.55 kg

External dimensions:  30.5×30.5×34 cm

Internal dimensions:  16 x 16 x 120 cm

Vaccine storage dimensions:  8.5×8.5×20 CM

Lid type & fixing:  Removable-