Underbar Fridge

Underbar refrigerators for bars and kitchens, industry standard sizes and accessories available, remote or self contained refrigeration systems.

*PRICES LIST ex-Factory Cape Town and excl. Transportation. These prices include VAT. | Ts & Cs apply

Superior build quality with high quality finish for aesthetic appeal.
Generator running time reduced to 4 hours per day to give fuel savings.
Thick insulation with eutectic technology ensures minimal running time and
maximum holdover time.
Environmentally friendly refrigerants and recyclable materials.
Can last up to 30 years in rugged environments (bush bars and lodges).
Optional extra voltage protector to prevent premature compressor failure
where power is unreliable/variable.
Various model options with solid or glass doors and upright versions too.
Self closing glass door option for attractive product display.

1½ Door Underbar Unit

Length: 1200mm, Width: 650mm, Height: 915mm, Weight: 90kg

2½ Door Underbar Unit

Length: 1800mm, Width: 650mm, Height: 915mm, Weight: 165kg

3½ Door Underbar Unit

Length: 2400mm, Width: 650mm, Height: 915mm, Weight: 195kg