Solar S230CF Chest Fridge or Freezer

The Solar Refrigeration S230CF Chest type Fridge or Freezer is specifically designed for solar energy installations in an African environment. Superior insulation and efficient 12V DC refrigeration system provides minimum power consumption whilst giving performance equal to a mains power appliance. A digital controller is employed to maintain set temperatures between 10˚C and -15˚C. A unique feature is the stainless steel freezer lid which can be used as a hygienic work surface. The S230CF has the added advantage to conform to the latest environmental ‘green’ standards for gases and electrical consumption.

The S230CF can be purchased with a Minus40 Solar kit  (SK Plus) that is specifically designed for this freezer The S230CF is backed by the reputable and reliable Minus40 service warranty and customers can select maintenance contracts to ensure extended longevity of their Minus40 Freezer.

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Solar Refrigeration S230CF Chest type Fridge or Freezer:

  • Volume: 230L
  • Temperature range: 10°C to -15°C
  • Suitable for maximum ambient temperature: 45˚C
  • Voltage:  12V DC – 110/240 V AC (50/60Hz)
  • Refrigerant: 134a
  • Running Amps:  3.8A (45 Watts)
  • Daily consumption Fridge (+5°C)
  • Daily consumption freezer (-5°C)

Solar kit: SK2/125W (Fridge), Sk4/220w (Freezer)

Click the link below to view the solar kits.

External Dimensions

Width: 740mm, Length: 635mm, Height: 920mm, Weight: 120kg