Refrigerated Trailers

Used for Hunters, Fisherman, Road side sales, Frozen food deliveries, Ice cream distribution, and Safari and holiday camp supplies.


  • High capacity low temperature refrigeration system
  • Coldsaver eutectic plates hold the cold
  • CFC free
  • 150mm of injected polyurethane insulation
  • 430 Stainless steel inner liner
  • Rugger chassis and suspension
  • Fully hot dip galvanised chassis
  • Over-run braking system fitted to 1660 model
  • Spare wheel supplied on all models
  • Variety of wheel sizes available
  • Drain hole for washing down
  • Top access lids retains cold air when opened
  • 575 and 1660 has space for a generator
*PRICES LIST ex-Factory Cape Town and excl. Transportation. These prices include VAT. | Ts & Cs apply
  • Capacity ranges of 470L, 575L and 1660L
  • Minimum temperatures range between -28°C to -32°C
  • Daily run time of 3-4 hours
  • Works on mains 220V 50Hz
  • Works on Generator of 3.5Kw



External Dimensions

470L -, Length: 1570mm, Width: 910mm, Height: 800mm
575L -, Length: 1500mm, Width: 1270mm, Height: 820mm
1660L -, Length: 1900mm, Width: 1400mm, Height: 1060mm

Internal Dimensions

470L -, Length: 1360mm, Width: 650mm, Height: 560mm
575L -, Length: 1200mm, Width: 870mm, Height: 540mm
1660L -, Length: 1700mm, Width: 1150mm, Height: 850mm

Chassis Dimensions

470L -, Length: 2610mm, Width: 1320mm, Height: 1175mm
575L -, Length: 2900mm, Width: 1780mm, Height: 1270mm
1660L -, Length: 3530mm, Width: 2060mm, Height: 1650mm