Hospitality Ice Making Solutions

Minus 40 CV Series Ice Cube Machines have adopted the three leading technologies: adjustable ice thickness, automatic water supplying, automatic freezing and ice falling. Available in four models with precision craftsmanship and reliability.

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Automatic water input, manual water dual-purpose, applicable to a variety of water environments.
Polyurethane foam process without fluoride, high heat preservation.
Microcomputer control board, moister proof property high.
Automatic cleaning function inside the machine for safety and hygiene purposes.
Fast ice-making and ice-falling, energy saving.

CV140 Ice Cube Machine

Width: 560mm, Depth: 810mm, Height: 1400mm, Ice Bin: 120kg

CV200 Ice Cube Machine

Width: 760mm, Depth: 810mm, Height: 1600mm, Ice Bin: 200kg

CV400 Ice Cube Machine

Width: 760mm, Depth: 860mm, Height: 1760mm, Ice Bin: 400kg

CV800A Ice Cube Machine

Width: 1260mm, Depth: 890mm, Height: 2020mm, Ice Bin: 400kg