Electric Hydraulic Body Lifting Trolley

The Electric Hydraulic Lifting Trolley is an essential piece of equipment needed to lift body trays safely and efficiently into the Minus40 Mortuary Cabinets or Cold rooms and is capable of lifting up to 180kg’s.

This trolley is finished in stainless steel for hygiene and ease of cleaning.  It has a simple, yet robust construction which is easy to use and is built to last for years.

This unit can also be fitted without an electrically operated pump and changed to a Manual Hydraulic Lifting Trolley.  The mortuary tray is optional extra.

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Electric Hydraulic Body Lifting Trolley

  • Load capacity is 180kg
  • Lifts to heights of 1845mm from 350mm
  • Made from Stainless Steel for Hygiene and ease of cleaning.
  • Accommodates the Standard and wider, Obese body trays
  • Comes standard with 2 sets of swivelling castors of which 1 set is braked.
  • This sturdy and reliable trolley is made to last.
  • The unit has an overnight charge of 8 hours and allows for 20 full height lifts
  • Easy one hand / one lever operation
  • The trolley has a 12V DC Electric pump, 220V Battery charger and a 100Ah Battery on board.
  • High speed lift and lower makes for fast reliable use.
  • Body tray is optional extra and does not come with the Body Lifting Trolley

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 215 × 66 × 95 cm


  • Height(mm): 950
  • Width(mm): 660
  • Depth(mm): 2150
  • Gross weight(kg): 90