Human Breast Milk Pasteuriser STERIPAS 3612

Human Breast Milk Pasteuriser STERIPAS 3612 has donor milk feeding practices that have documented greater health benefits as compared to formula milk feeding. Pasteurisation mitigates potential risk of possible pathogens by sterilising the donated milk.

A pasteurisation cycle of 30 minutes at 62.5 ̊C, followed by a rapid cooling to 4 ̊C achieves this whilst preserving the nutrients in the milk, as opposed to high heat pasteurisation methods which can destroy the nutrients in the breast milk.

The Symbiotec SteriPAS 3612 is a South African designed and manufactured human breast milk pasteuriser designed to function seamlessly as an integrated component in a total Milk Bank solution, that includes a SteriTRAC product track and trace information system and multi stage Minus40 process refrigeration. The advanced, robust design and construction includes features unique in the field. The SteriPAS 3612 can also be used independently with the clients existing milk bank assets.

A feature of the design is water saving without compromising its performance.  This results in a unit that surpasses the required performance specifications for heating and cooling with an extremely accurate temperature control profile at 62.5 ̊C, followed by rapid cooling and indefinite holding at less than 4 ̊C. Due to the recycling of both hot and cold water the cycle time performance improves significantly for subsequent batches, offering up to 40% better cycle efficiency.

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Human Breast Milk Pasteuriser STERIPAS 3612

Total water capacity of unit 75L
Power supply             230VAC, max 5kW (30A peak start)
Heat load 9895 btu/hr
Bottle capacity max (120ml bottles) 36 bottles, 4.32L total incl sacrificial sample
Bottle containment 4 baskets with 9 bottles each
Initial cycle time from cold start Under 2 hours
Cycle time of consecutive cycles (hot start) ± 75 minutes
Water usage 5 cycle system flush = 14 litres of water per cycle.

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