Beyond Wireless ICE3 Remote Temperature Monitoring Device

The ICE3 is the world’s most advanced and reliable remote temperature-monitoring device (RTMD).

  • Global Connectivity: The ICE3’s dual-SIM design with global SIM card with data included, gives it complete network redundancy anywhere in the world without the need for physical network infrastructure.
  • No power supply required: The ICE3’s off-the-grid design makes it completely immune to damage from spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts. This is a major advantage in parts of the world where power supply can be both unreliable and dirty.
  • Lowest cost of deployment: The ICE3 is easy to install, requiring no tools and no special training. A typical installation takes less than 3 minutes giving the it the lowest deployment cost of any RTMD on the market.
  • Maintenance Free: It has a run time of up to 10 years without the need to recharge or replace the batteries offering the lowest possible maintenance cost.
  • Class leading input capacity: It can simultaneously monitor up to 4 temperature sensors as well as the mains power status, and door position. It also monitors both the ambient temperature and humidity.
  • GPS Tracking: It also offers real time GPS tracking when monitoring the cold chain in mobile assets like trucks, containers and cooler boxes.


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