Welcome to our comprehensive Blood Bank Category, offering a diverse array of storage solutions meticulously crafted by Minus40, a trusted name in the medical refrigeration industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each product meets the stringent requirements of blood banks and medical facilities, providing dependable storage for critical supplies.

Leading our lineup is the Blood Bank Freezer, boasting a capacious 470-liter capacity. This specialised freezer is engineered to store blood and blood products at precise temperatures, safeguarding their integrity and ensuring their readiness for transfusion.

Next, explore our Upright Medical Freezer, featuring a 400-liter capacity. Versatile and reliable, this freezer offers ample space for storing medical samples, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive materials upright, optimizing storage efficiency while maintaining precise temperature control.

For facilities with diverse storage needs, our Chest Freezers are available in capacities of 230 liters and 430 liters. These rugged and efficient freezers provide generous space for bulk storage of blood bags, plasma, and other medical supplies, ensuring optimal cooling performance to protect their contents.

In addition to freezers, our Blood Bank Category includes Medical Fridges in capacities of 75 liters and 250 liters. Compact yet powerful, these fridges are ideal for storing blood reagents, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive medications, delivering reliable cooling to preserve their efficacy.

Completing our range are Vaccine Cooler Boxes, offered in capacities of 3 liters, 7 liters, and 12 liters. Lightweight and portable, these cooler boxes are designed for transporting vaccines and blood samples, maintaining the required temperature range during transit to ensure their viability.

At Minus40, we prioritise quality and reliability in manufacturing medical refrigeration solutions. Explore our Blood Bank Category today and discover how Minus40 can enhance your facility’s storage capabilities, safeguarding critical supplies with precision and efficiency.