Our Second Donation to St. Joseph’s Home

Our Second Donation to St. Joseph’s Home

We are proud to announce that earlier this month completed our second donation to St. Joseph’s Home – this time we doubled our previous donation and donated 2 of our MED75GHD Medical Fridges.

So, Why St. Joseph’s Home Again?
Minus40 is a company who has always been passionate about giving back to the community and, after researching and evaluating various charities across South Africa, St. Joseph’s stood out the most to us and was, by far, one of the most deserving facilities. Here’s why –

First and foremost, St. Joseph’s Home is a 24-hr nursing care centre managed by people who have the patience, love and understanding it requires to look after chronically ill children.

All members involved have hearts of gold and the abundance of love you feel as soon as you enter St. Joseph’s Home is heartening.

We are lucky enough to be situated near St. Joseph’s and have had the privilege to visit them a couple of times over the years. Each time we go back we notice how much they have done (and continue to do) to improve their facility for the benefit of their children.

The staff are always happy to see us and there hasn’t been a time when we weren’t welcomed with open arms and an ample amount of love.
The best feeling you can experience is when you walk around the facility and witness how much the staff do daily and how well looked after, loved and cared for the children are.

We believe that children are incredibly important in today’s world, and it is essential we prioritise their well-being and development by providing them with access to education, healthcare and other basic necessities.

All the Medical Fridges we have donated to St. Joseph’s so far are part of their “Milk Room” project – a valuable part in the care of their youngest, most fragile children and we know it will make a big impact in their daily operations.

We are proud to have completed this second donation and would like to thank all the staff at St. Joseph’s Home for the significant work they do. We look forward to building our relationship with St. Joseph’s home and look forward to our next visit.

If you would like to read more on the work St. Joseph’s does, you can visit their site at:


You may view the images taken on this fantastic day on Minus40’s Facebook Page .