Manufacturing reaches new heights

Manufacturing reaches new heights

This has been a year to remember, with over 2160 Minus40 Vaccine and Medical Fridges produced for the vaccine cold chain alone. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the clients who put their trust in Minus40 to ensure the safekeeping of these truly valuable assets. With the Covid-19 vaccine drive well underway and each province partaking in this success story, we want to take a moment to express how blessed we feel to have been a part of this challenge.

Minus40 vaccine fridges and freezers are now situated across Southern Africa. Our challenge was both in supplying the huge demand whilst also innovating products to meet the COVID pandemic Cold Chain requirements, from Vaccine transport cooler boxes and Ultra Low-Temperature Freezers to temperature monitoring devices.

We take immense pride in our team, working endless overtime shifts, throughout this challenging time. And we send an acknowledgement to our clients who is in the field fighting the good fight.

And finally, we thank our customers for some great photos of our units in the field.








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