Farewell to Minus 40 Directors

Front row from left to right: Cobus Smit(Technical Manager), Neil McMurray, Steve Davison,
Twanette Muller(Sales Consultant), Marisca Pieters(Contract Administrator), and Jason Koopman(Commercial Manager).
Back row from left to right: Michael Werner(Director), Jean Mienie (Finance Manager), Angelique Labuschagne(Service Operator), Kelly Fourie(Financial Controller), and Terence Smeda(Manufacturing Manager)

It is with great sadness that Minus 40 has said farewell after 27 years to both Steve Davison and Neil McMurry. Steve and Neil have both decided to retire and enjoy the finer things in life.

We have had many wonderful festivities here at Minus 40 and celebrated a great farewell lunch at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm in Stellenbosch.

We wish both Steve and Neil all the best with future endeavors.

Minus 40’s Ice Production Container – A profitable small business


The recent sale of a 40ft Ice Production Container to a customer in Angola has been an exciting time for Minus 40.  Our technicians and factory staff have worked around the clock to complete the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of all the units.  We have included some photos below for you to view.

2         3

The 40ft container included an Ice Storage Freezer Room, Ice Storage Bunker,  two Ice Block Making Machines, and an 800 kilogram Ice Cube Making Machine.

Each container is fitted with a work station, basin, taps, and an extension hose.

4  5  6

Our customer was very happy with the over all result and did an inspection before the seal was put onto the container and then loaded.


If you would like to make any enquiries about our Ice Production Containers then please contact us directly and we will assist you with the best possible choice suited to your requirements.

Click here to watch a short video on how the ice production system can benefit you.

Minus 40’s Mission to bring better health to South African Communities

Minus 40 is a specialised national refrigeration solutions company, that has as one of it’s objectives, improving the health of all South Africans. The driving motivation within our organisation is to develop cold chain solutions that benefit our communities. In particular, we work in collaboration with the Department of Health in delivering better vaccine awareness through clinics, including educational materials.

Minus 40 have recently sponsored the printing of the materials required for the 2016 Integrated Child Health Campaign and we are looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with the Department of Health.

Click here for the Department of Health’s letter of thanks.