Donation To Unjani Clinic In Kayamandi

Donation To Unjani Clinic In Kayamandi

We are thrilled to announce that we have made yet another donation – this time to Unjani Clinic in Kayamandi!

We have  just donated one of our latest B110/220H Vaccine Fridges with an ICE3 Monitoring Device to the Unjani Clinic in Kayamandi  to support their important work in providing quality, affordable healthcare services to the Stellenbosch community.

Unjani means “How are you?” in both Zulu and Xhosa and at Unjani Clinics, they believe in the holistic health of their patients – not just their physical health but their general well-being. “How are you” encompasses mental (mind), physical (body) and spiritual (soul) well-being.

By building a successful network of clinics owned and run by professional nurses, Unjani Clinics is empowering black women, improving healthcare quality and access, and creating employment in communities across South Africa.

We believe our B110/220H vaccine fridge will assist the Unjani Clinic in Kayamandi in providing this much needed quality Healthcare and , because our B110/220H has a 52 hour Holdover Capacity, the staff at the clinic won’t have to worry about loadshedding affecting the vaccines or medication being stored in the fridge. They are also able to keep an eye on the temperature and generate reports on the B110/220H’s temperature performance with ease by making use of the Beyond Wireless ICE3 Remote Temperature Monitoring Device which has been provided.

We encourage our followers to also consider supporting Unjani Clinics and their efforts to make a positive impact in the communities across South Africa.

Thank you to Unjani Clinics  for the important work you do, and to our team for making this donation possible. Let’s continue to work together to create a better world for everyone. #donation #givingback #communityimpact #supportlocal


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