The benefits of Hydrocarbon in refrigeration

The benefits of Hydrocarbon in refrigeration

This blog highlights the benefits of Hydrocarbon in refrigeration

Why do you need to go Hydrocarbon for your fridge?

The team here at Minus40 know that eyes glaze over if we start explaining refrigeration systems. However, with the new move to Hydrocarbon refrigerants, it is worth the risk as the benefits are too numerous and groundbreaking not to share.

Over the coming years, all existing Fluorocarbon Refrigerants will be phased out in some shape or form because of their ozone-depleting properties or global warming potential. The alternative solution to more natural refrigerants was surprisingly not created in a laboratory, but in nature — Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

As it’s natural, the overarching benefit to HC would be the lower environmental impact. This includes elements of global warming, the ozone layer as well as lowered energy consumption.

The 5 benefits of Hydrocarbon in refrigeration

  1. Zero Ozone Depletion: As it is a nontoxic, Natural refrigerant it has no 0zone depletion potential.
  2. Global warming potential: It also has an extremely low Very low contribution to global warming (GWP).
  3. Sustainable energy: Hydrocarbon is not only good for the environment, but it also reduces energy consumption which leads to lower spend.
  4. Quicker temperature recovery and lower energy consumption
  5. Holdover at frozen temperature during power outages up to 36 hours

What Hydrocarbon means for refrigeration

The two main advantages of hydrocarbon refrigerants are lower environmental impact and economic gains.

Ultimately, Hydrocarbon offers more efficient cooling than alternative HFC refrigerants and is leading the industry into a new era of sufficiency and Minus40 is taking the lead.

Hydrocarbon Medical Refrigeration is now available at Minus40. Ask one of our consultants for more information.