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Our Story

Minus40 is a Medical refrigeration company specializing in the following fields; Hospitals, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Mortuary, Alternative Energy and all things Cold-Chain.

With Minus40 fridges operational across the country since we opened the doors in 1975, we can safely claim leadership in quality and high service delivery.


The company was formed in 1975 by a South African farmer who saw the need for specially engineered refrigeration for the local landscape. Back then South African’s were just discovering the joys of television for the first time and with it came the demand for electricity. Households outside the major cities gained access to diesel-powered generators that could run for 4 hours in the evenings, providing enough power for lighting, cooking, refrigeration and even TV. The Minus40 fridge was designed to harness this small quantity of power and absorb sufficient ‘cold’ to retain the desired temperature for the following day. Low and behold, this convenience and the brand behind it took a foothold across the nation and soon expanded to travel, hospitality and the medical fields.

In the late 90s when international trade brought cheap domestic fridges to our shores, Minus40 was already established as the specialist refrigeration company for South Africa.

The company reached a turning point in 2015 with new innovation and leadership from now Managing Director, Michael Warner, who further developed the brand to what it is today.

Today, the Minus40 products are manufactured to the highest standards, with superior quality materials with service agents that take pride in the core value that is – simply put – Quality before all else. Locally the name Minus40 is synonymous with medical refrigeration, even though the brand also caters to the highly technical laboratory, alternative energy and mortuary requirements.

The Factory

Locally manufactured products are shipped across Southern Africa from our Cape town port a few kilometres away from the factory in Airport Industria

Core Values

Quality before all else

Mission Statement

Minus40 provides medical and specialized refrigeration solutions in Medical, Laboratory, Mortuary, Alternative energy and vaccine cold chain across Southern Africa.

What our customers say

“My Minus40’s have worked for over 10 years now in extreme conditions of Zambia Valley. It truly is in a class of its own.”

– Terry Kelly, Nkwazi Safaris


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