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Minus40 has been Southern Africa’s trusted partner in Specialist Refrigeration, meeting the challenges in the continent through innovation and manufacturing.

As an existing supplier to South Africa’s Department of Health, as well as several Provincial bodies, the company caters to the needs of the nation as, well as its neighbours.



Minus40 originated in 1975 with the initial goal of bringing reliable and durable refrigeration to rural communities that struggled with disrupted power supplies.

In the late 1990s, a partnership with South Africa’s Department Of Health and CSIR saw the company develop the first vaccine fridge with a 50-hour holdover capability. This product advancement was a direct response to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation report on Africa’s vaccine cold chain problems at the time. It also steered Minus40 towards the medical and laboratory market segment. 

A change in ownership during mid-2015, with Michael Werner as the new Managing Director, drove further innovation with an emphasis on quality, a value now synonymous with the brand. Each product was sold with a service guarantee, backed up by a reputable service network positioned across the country. 

Building on the renewed foundation, the product development steadily expanded to support each element of the human life cycle, starting with refrigeration solutions for  Human Milk Banks, and ending with a complete Mortuary Body storage solution. 

The company’s main focus is on five categories of refrigeration which include; Medical, Vaccine Cold Chain, Laboratory, Mortuary and Alternative energy, underpinned by service excellence.

Global leaders within the remote temperature monitoring industry recognise Minus40’s Vaccine Refrigerator’s unique ability to maintain a tight temperature range for more than 50 hours without a power supply.

As an existing supplier to South Africa’s Department of Health, as well as several Provincial bodies, the company catered to the needs of the nation, as well as its neighbours. With its focus on quality, the customer reliance on secure storage of valuable content and the nationwide service network, Minus40 had positioned itself as the top Specialist Refrigeration supplier, a position that is still held to this day. 

Minus40 is committed to working alongside Healthcare Providers and Laboratories to develop durable fridges and freezers that last. However, the company does not limit it’s position to manufacturing, but also takes an active role within its community. With small business investments, development of entrepreneurs and generous philanthropy within the medical sector, the organisation has changed many lives. 

In 2020, the company outgrew its old premises and relocated to 8 Manhattan Street in Airport Industria, Cape Town.

During this time the worldwide pandemic ensued, and South Africa called on Minus40 to supplement their Vaccine Cold Chain, as part of the Covid-19 response. The high demand for secure vaccine storage further bolstered the internal growth. Currently, the company employs over fifty staff, the majority of which have been with the organisation for decades. 

Today, Minus40’s excellence service and superior products have led to the consecutive awards of the National Treasury RT2 Department of Health Tender for the nationwide supply of Medical and Vaccine Refrigeration. Other tenders awarded include the National Treasury RT24 nationwide supply of Mortuary Equipment, and the WC  award for Vaccine and Medical Fridge supplied to the Western Cape Government.


The Factory

Minus40’s products are manufactured and shipped nationally, as well as internationally, from our warehouse which is now based at 8 Manhattan Street in  Airport Industria, Cape Town.


Core Values

The Minus40 Team strongly uphold and believe in Quality (before all else), Safety, Service and Value, through our people.


Mission Statement

Minus40 aims to always Develop, Manufacture, and Service premium quality, robust Specialised Refrigeration solutions that Southern Africa can rely on.

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“My Minus40’s have worked for over 10 years now in extreme conditions in Zimbabwe (in the Zambesi Valley). It truly is in a class of its own.”

– Terry Kelly, Chewore Lodge and Campsite


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